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Determined....With A Side Order Of DOOM!!! May. 4th, 2004 @ 01:07 am
Entering the last college week of classes and then one more week of finals. Then I'm home.

Luckily for me, one of my classes doesn't have a final, and the other only has the final project that I've been working my tail off on for the last month or so. Pretty close to being done with that, actually. I hope to have all of my papers revised and ready to be put together in the booklet form it has to be placed in - and then turn it in...(this is for my Advanced Critical Writing)

I have to get my study guide for Art History (the final) done though. As well as finish my seven to eight page final paper for Conrad and Greene done for Thursday, and then I just have a final exam for that class. I just finished writing the fifth page though - so I'm fine with that one.

The final project for Critical Writing:
One process porfolio - basically needs labels and just a few things put into it - then it's done
Two copies of my final porfolio - with my author reflective (not done), biographical essay (not done - my partner is writing that), my tables of contents (not done - will take like two seconds to do), my four essays (two done - two need to be revised), as well as a nice cover page and then taken to Kinko's or something to be bound up nicely?!


*goes to be insane some more*
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Everyone has... Apr. 24th, 2004 @ 08:52 pm
Was just having a conversation with someone today, and he mentioned that everyone has a talent, they just have to find it.


finding your talentCollapse )
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>_>; Apr. 15th, 2004 @ 09:01 pm
Don't you just feel like the biggest bitch in the entire world when you actually realize, that once you revise your papers - there ARE good comments on it... - when you've been pretty much adament that the professor slashes your papers to hell and you're like "I HATE YOU...!!!!"


Yeah, it feels like shit.

I got two of my project papers revised though, so they're ready for the final project in my EN305 course... Granted, I still have to write introduction essays and shit for them, but I did two of them tonight! I fucking rule.

And now, I'm going to go write or draw or something for myself. <3
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Professors Can Be DICKS Apr. 14th, 2004 @ 10:57 pm
Remember that paper that I was stressing over?

Had to turn in a shitty ass copy of it in today. This is what I've been stressing over for the past five days, etc...

And the professor was like "oh, well I don't have time to get to them until Friday so you don't have to turn them in until then"...

I think I almost flew at him in a frothing RAGE... I wrote a SHIT paper just to get it done and then he does THIS?! YOU ASS!

To make matters worse I have a HUGE project to get done for his class, so I'm doing bits and pieces of it each day... @_@

I'm stressed out and taking out my rage on random Sonic characters in Sonic Battle...

I'm also worried that Joyce might have sent my birthday present to my college address or will - because I will be gone from here in the first week or two of May and I don't want it getting lost and wahhh...

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PANIC TIME! Apr. 14th, 2004 @ 01:40 pm
National examinations time! The Fundamentals of Engineering exam (aka "YOUR FATE IS BOUND BY YOUR SCORE" exam... well, one of them) is this Saturday!

All engineers have to take two exams: the FE exam and the PE (Professional Engineering) exam. I'll be taking the first one this Saturday, BRIGHT AND EARLY!!!!!

What do you guys do when you have to prepare for stuff like this? Like before you take the GRE, MCAT or things like that? Like eat healthily, sleep well (fat chance), cram till your head hurts, pray to God repeatedly, etc... How do you keep your stress level low enough before taking one of these national exams?

Anyways, good luck to all of you who are also taking exams of any kind. I have three this week.
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Other entries
» New Historical Bullshit
Why is it that one paper is the one that causes me the most suffering throughout the year? There's always one, really. That's the problem with being the English major of the group - one paper always fucking screws me.

It's my Critical writing class. One that I need for my major. I hate it with a passion too because I really don't like writing critical papers about shitty books that I don't like.

Well, now I'm able to have a little more freedom in the work - and I'm drawing a complete blank, and want to rip my hair out. My professor is helping me, but I have to do a lot of research and I'm just going "WHAT THE HELL!?" and like ... shit man, I really don't want to do this paper.

It's a new historical look at a writer or work of literature. I picked W.D. Ehrhart's work, because I really like his poetry and whatnot, but I'm not sure what to do with it.

My professor suggested that I take a look at what his "identity" is - since he is known for being a Vietnam writer, but says that he is sick of the title, etc.

There's not much for me to go off of. I have a few of his books, and will probably be picking up another one from Barnes and Noble for his essays about what defines him as the writer he is but oh my god I just want to cry.

It's just so frustrating. I really don't know what to do and how to go about doing it, and I really don't know what else I could possibly research. I'm drawing a blank and it's not cool whatsoever. -____-

;o; Wahh...
» Perspectives on Failure
Part of why I started this LJ Community is that I'm trying to deal with failure. This post isn't about getting sympathetic pats and posts, because I've gotten much support and love from my friends already ^_^ So please don't feel obligated to post a reply about that ^_^ I just hope to share something with you that I wish someone would have shared with me a long time ago.

Joyce's tale of woeCollapse )
» <.< Woo?!
Only non-Asian here! :P *goes and is her redhead self in a corner with a book* <3

@_@ School's been horrible for me lately... I feel really unmotivated and not sure if I'm in the right major or what... @_@

I really do hate writing papers. Papers for school, about shitty topics and about shitty books that I don't like. I'm an English Major with a creative background and if I'm lucky I'll get into some creative classes soon because I know my brain's exploding over here but...

I have considered double majoring in Art though as well - but I think it'll kill me.

*flop* @_#;

*goes back to working on a paper* x_X;

Yarr! ^^v
» Technology 5uxx0r5
Does anybody else find it peevishly annoying when a professor assigns homework based on a new computer program that you've never used? Most of the time, the professors don't give you a little FAQ or instructions so you're left banging your head on the keyboard because your input file keeps making the program go "Error! Error!"

And because you've never used it before, you have no idea what your inputs are to begin with. You just know you toss in numbers given in the problem and hope they were in the right places. (It's like that game "Perfection" except when time runs out, you get a 0 on your homework.)

We're not programming majors! That one class only taught us how to use the C language! That one freshman class only taught us a little bit about AutoCAD and SolidWorks! We don't know anything about these weird-arse programs like KENPAVE (for Pavement class), WinFDS (for Earth Slopes class) and HEC-HMS (for Hydrology class)!

Waaaargh! I want to toss this computer out the window! Run and makes sense, curse yooouuu!
» What to doooo~

1) Work in Austin if jobs are open
2) Work in Houston if jobs are open
3) Study Chinese in Taiwan
4) Work in New Orleans if jobs are open, saving money by living with parents, and probably teach Sunday school... Humm... It'll feel kind of weird though because I'm starting to get used to life without parents breathing down my neck. (It's sad because I'm still quite clingy to my parents.)

So basically, now it all boils down to where I'll find a job. Sigh.

MUST do: Apply for graduate school AGAIN for Spring 2005. Argh. Civil Engineering... I lost a full night's sleep just putting together one 15-page assignment.
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